Master Programs

"Marxist theory" is an overall research on the principles of Marx and scientific system of discipline. School of Marxism now have  the first level discipline of Marxist TheoryLL.M., more than 20 postgraduate tutor, specific specialties including The Basic principles of MarxismHistory of Marxism DevelopmentMarxism in China, Marxism in Foreign CountriesIdeological and Political EducationThe Chinese modern basic Issues.

(1) Specialized directions of History of Marxism Development include

1. Marxist Public Law Theory

2. The History of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Law

(2) Specialized directions of Marxism in China include

1. The Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

2. Theory and Practice of Socialist Economic Construction in China

3. Socialist Political Civilization in China

(3) Specialized directions of Marxism in Foreign Countries include

1. Marxism and Western Political Culture

2. Sociology Theory of Marxism

(4) Specialized directions of Ideological and Political Education include

1. Theory and practice of Ideological and Political Education,

2. Ideological and Political Education and Management in School

3. Ideological and Political Education and Social work

(5) Specialized Directions of The Chinese Modern Basic Issues include

1. The Chinese Modern Issues

2. Basic Issues of the History of Chinese Modern Thoughts

Compulsory courses

1. Marxism and Social Science Methodology

2. Marxist Original Selections

3. Contemporary Chinese Marxism Study

4. Political Science Basic Theory Research

5. Ethics Case Studies of Marxism

6. Socialist Theories with Chinese Characteristics and Practice Research

Optional Courses

1. Thematic Study of Marxist Political Economy

2. Regional Economic Development with Chinese Characteristics

3. Marxism and Contemporary Science and Technology Revolution

4. Marxism and the Contemporary Social Thought

6. Selected Readings of the Works of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin

7. Thematic Studies of Marxism Jurisprudence

8. Thematic Studies of Marxism Property Law

9. Modern Chinese History and the Patriotism Education

10. Ideological and Political Education Psychology

11. Moral Education and Legal Education

12. Theories and Methods of Ideological and Political Education

13. Leadership Studies

14. Dialectics of Nature

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